Ott Tänak New WRC World Champion 2019 Ended Sebastien Era

Ott Tänak New WRC World Champion 2019 Ended Sebastien Era

Ott Tänak New WRC World Champion 2019 ended Ogier and Loeb 15 years domination

WRC 2019 New World Champion is Ott Tänak which ends the 15 years WRC dominance of two Sebastiens, Sebastien Ogier and Sebastien Loeb.

When Ott Tänak was still a young pilot, he stopped his race car from one speed test to another to take care of a dog that had run into the road and could have been injured. He continued the race only after he had found caretakers for the dog amongst the spectators. That says a lot about the new World Champion character.

Toyota Gazoo RT pilot Ott Tänak and his co-driver Martin Järveoja secured the WRC World Championship 2019 title with a second place in the Catalunya Rally.

Ott Tänak New WRC World Champion 2019 ended Ogier and Loeb 15 years domination

Even though the Australian Rally is yet to come, the second leading Hyundai driver Thierry Neuville and third-place Citroén WRC six-time WRC World Champion Sebastien Ogier can’t catch up with Ott Tänak.

The momentum of young stars Ott Tänak and co-driver Martin Järveoja of the Toyota Gazoo RT team led by Tommi Mäkinen has been very powerful this season.

This victory is particularly noteworthy for WRC history, because the victory of the newcomers, Toyota stars Ott Tänak and Martin Järveoja, ends the 15-years era of french Sebastien’s.

Namely, for the past 15 years, two French superstars, Sebastien Loeb, with his 9 WRC World Champion titles and Sebastien Ogier with 6 titles have been the most successful WRC pilots in the world with their achievements.

There has been a long wait in the rally world of who will become the man to break the hegemony of the french stars. The closest potential one to date was Thierry Neuville, a Belgian pilot who was very close to it for five years, but still had to settle for a second place at the end of each season.

Martin Järveoja Ott Tänak WRC World Champion 2019

Now, in 2019, Toyota pilot Ott Tänak finally did it and a new world leader of the rally has been born. Only the following years will show whether a whole new era has begun or will french take the lead again.

Ott Tänak is 32 years old, from the island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea, which belongs to Estonia. Estonia is a very small Nordic country with a population of more than one million, Russia and Finland as neighbours.

Estonia’s neighbour, Finland with population only 5 million, has had the most WRC World Champions of all times – Markku Alen, Ari Vatanen, Tommi Mäkinen, Juha Kankunen, Marcus Grönholm, Hannu Mikkola and Timo Salonen.

The Finns have played a huge role of the success of Ott Tänak as well.

Martin Järveoja Tommi Mäkinen Ott Tänak WRC Champion 2019

Toyota WRC team has been created and run by Tommi Mäkinen, 4-time WRC World Champion. He sincerely believed in Estonian pilot potential and hired Ott Tänak, instead of a finnish pilot, to become a Toyota team pilot.

This act caused a great deal of resentment in Finland towards Mäkinen at that time. By the way, the Toyota WRC team headquarters is not in Japan, but in Mäkinen’s home country, in Finland, which shows how valid Tommi Mäkinen is in the world of WRC racing.

Ott Tänak is not yet very well know in the world, but readers find it heartwarming how he stopped his race just to take care of a dog who had run into the road and could have been injured. Only after he had found a caretaker for the dog amongst the crowd he continued the race.

It is also worth to mention that alongside Microsoft and other well-known global brands, the athlete’s racing car and racing apparel carry a company logo unknown to the world, with the inscription Grossi Toidukaubad. Behind this is a story of Ott Tänak’s past.

Ott Tänak New WRC World Champion 2019 ended Ogier and Loeb 15 years domination

7 years ago when he was 25 years old, he was in a situation where he had failed and was left without a contract. The end of his racing career was on the horizon. Many thought his career was over and he had neither the supporters nor the financial means to continue.

But there was one true rally fan who believed in the talent and abilities of Ott Tänak. He encouraged the young pilot to continue by financing with his own means. This man, named Oleg Gross, is the owner of a small Estonian-owned grocery store chain.

Today Ott Tänak wears the Oleg Gross company logos on his clothing and his car on its own initiative and without any contract. This is his way of showing gratitude to Oleg’s faith, support and help. Knowing this beautiful Hollywood-like story, both WRC teams, Malcolm Wilson at the WRC M-Sport and Toyota weren’t against it.

In Oleg Gross’s opinion, these stories characterize what kind of a man Ott Tänak is, and for our part, we totally agree. Ott Tänak and Martin Järveoja have always found interest and time to interact with and white BTWW mascot dog as we meet again around the world.

Congratulations Ott Tänak and Martin Järveoja and also Tommi Mäkinen and the whole Toyota Gazoo RT for such a great achievement!

We wish you Success and Good luck for the Next Season!

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