Dog at Office Reduces Stress

Pets at office increase productivity and reduce stress

Is it appropriate to have pets in the workplace? It could actually be a brilliant idea for employee satisfaction and efficiency, believe it or not.

Getting a dog in the workplace is helpful to the work environment. When you stroke a dog, not only does your cortisol level decrease, but you also release more of the hormone oxytocin, which helps you feel more relaxed. According to a counselor, pets will also get colleagues closer together.

Employees who brought their dogs to work had lower stress hormone levels than those who didn’t, according to a study conducted at a North Carolina company.

Was compared physiological and perceived tension, job satisfaction, organizational affective commitment, and perceived organizational support between employees, who bring their dogs to work (DOG group), employees who do not bring their dogs to work (NODOG group), and employees without pets (NOPET group).

For these scales, the combined groups scored significantly higher than the reference norm group on several work satisfaction subscales. There were no substantial variations in physiological tension or perceived organizational support between the groups.

Despite the fact that perceived stress was comparable at the start of the day, stress decreased for the DOG community with their dogs present and increased for the NODOG and NOPET groups as the day progressed.

By the end of the day, the NODOG group was slightly more stressed than the DOG group. The DOG group’s stress patterns varied substantially on days when their dogs were present and days when they were not.

Owners’ stress levels rose during the day on days when their dog was missing, mirroring the NODOG group’s trend.

Tell to your manager that having a dog in the office is beneficial to the working environment.

Dog at Office Reduces Stress

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