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Puppy Comes Home


Dear BTWW Puppy Owner,

As Your new Family Member is soon coming home we have prepared you an introduction how we grow our dogs healthy and happy. We hope it will help you on your happy life with Your Best Friend! πŸ™‚

When puppy arrives he/she is already several times dewormed, microchipped, vaccinated according to the age and has got European Union Pet Passport. The Pedigree or Export Pedigree will be sent out directly from the Kennel Club to your home address.

In another country, to register dog microchip on your name in your country you should visit your local veterinary and ask them to help you. Some countries have different systems. Please, ask from your veterinary.

When you want to use a crate for your dog to teach stay clean and quiet inside the house then we use LifeStages crates like on this example


1636 is a size for a female and for male is size 1642. And if you want even larger then size 1648 is quite large and comfortable crate for a dog.
This link is provided just as an example.

Sleeping place should be soft and placed on a place it sees people movement. If you use crate then in the crate.

Bowl for food and water are best if from metal like this


Plastic bowls react and chemicals might enter into dogs food. Bowl on high statives are not good to use as these are thought to be reason of a bloated stomach when used for dry food. It is very serious situation and often deadly for dogs, so there is good reason to avoid the bowl on stand. Healthy dog must eat from the ground as in nature.

At the beginning in puppyhood the best collar and leash is as such


Puppy grows very fast and is good when you have a soft and at the same time extendable collar. When you find a good soft leather collar it is even better.

When the dog grows larger best is universal fur saver stainless steel metal collar and leather leash. Metal collar should be with long links like this example


Or wide full leather collars.

Leather leash should be soft for hands and length 1,80-2,00 meters. These are good for everything in life and you don’t need to buy anything extra.

One example http://btww.eu/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/koera-nahkrihm.jpg

These are usually sold in every larger pet store. I suggest, do not buy anything beforehand, take your pup and go directly to the pet shop and then buy everything you need.

I feed my puppies 50% super premium dry food Hills Medium Puppy and 50% raw food. The relation can change but not more then 80/20 to which ever direction. Dry food is from Satan πŸ˜€ we use it only because we are lazy. No one would ever feed their children with Kelloggs 20 years. But people do it with dogs and then wonder why dogs are not healthy and develop cancer and other health problems. The health comes from the raw food. But as I am not good at mixing any vitamins into raw food I better use easy solution – Hills Medium Puppy and Raw Food.

When you buy Hills Puppy food make sure it is Hills Medium Puppy not Large Breed. In clinics they suggest Large Breed but that is not good for our breed. I do not go into details, you just need to trust me. Why I use Hills? Because, this has proven for me during 20 years and all my pups grow up healthy dogs.

Real food for dogs is actually Raw food. Which for dogs is raw meat, raw meat with bones, raw chicken (can be full chicken with bones), raw eggs, cottage cheese, yoghurt, milk, sauer milk etc.

Like wolf eats in nature also dog can eat. That the dog would grow up healthy it needs high quality natural food. Raw Food is needed to build up and develop immunity system. Dry food we use that dog would get all the vitamins.

Raw meat and bones with meat are also must have for puppy to change teeth normally. When pup is eating only dry food or soft food the milk teeth quite often don’t come itself out. When pup get fed with raw meat and raw meaty bones, pup teeth needs to work so much that all the teeth changing process goes normally without any problems like in nature.

Raw meat can be found in supermarkets during campaigns with quite cheap prices or in outside markets. When I calculated it was cheaper for me than the dry food Hills. Raw food amount is 2-3% of the grown up dogs weight. For dry food you have norms on the food bag, however, keep in mind that it is usually 30% too much.


Additional vitamins MUST NOT be given to the puppy, you will raise a sick dog then. Puppy needs to get everything from raw food and Hills Medium Puppy.

Feeding should be 50/50 – dry and raw food but not more then 80/20 in whichever direction.

Puppy MUST NOT be fat, or it will grow up a sick dog. Pup should be lean and energetic. When puppy is during growth fat or gets too much vitamins and minerals it will not grow healthy.

Puppy feeding:
till 3 months 4 times per day, dry food in soft consistence (keep in hot water for 2 hours)
4 – 7 months 3 times per day, dry food with water on the top of it
8 – 12 months 2 times per day, dry food with water on the top of it
12 – +… 2 times per day, or if not possible also 1 time per day would do but 2 times per day is best. Always dry food with water on the top of it

Dry food should never be given without water so the dog would already during eating get water into its stomach. Otherwise the dry food starts taking water from the dogs body and drying it.

Puppy should get movement as much as it wants and play, jump and run how much it wants and then rest when it want’s. It can even be 12 hours running around the garden. But no matter what, puppy can not take long walks or bicycling with humans before 1 year age, as then the pup can not control the tempo and lay down when it is tired and it can hurt the bones and ligaments.

Puppies fastest growth and development is till 12th month age, after that the bone structure is more less developed and big problems can no longer happen. Till that time the development and growth is so fast that people tend to forget that 3 months old pup can never keep up with a grown up person 1-3 km walking length without hurting itself.

So the pup would grow up healthy there are 3 vital components:
1 balanced feeding – raw meat and quality dry food
2 sporty lifestyle – daily playing in its own tempo
3 clean and oxygen full environment for growth – in nature, or walks in the garden or in forest

Raising up dog I suggest following:
If I want to know whether it is according to age for the pup which I want it to do I compare the pups age with child age.
For Example: 3 months old puppy, would that be good for 3 months age child.
For humans, when to think like that it is easier to draw the parallels and decide which is right and which wrong. People can easier understand the people behaviour than dogs. Like 3 years old child can not sit and wait and behave 100% of time, or walk several kilometres distances such can also not do a 3 months old puppy. I have had puppy owners that send the 3 months old puppy to swim in winter and later were very surprised why she was totally ill and had high fewer. Just think – 3 months puppy – 3 years old child, 5 months old puppy – 5 years old child, 10 months old puppy – 10 years old child. Makes life so much easier.

Training your dog:
We believe that all dogs needs to be trained the same way as all kids needs to go to school. In case you do not train your dog the end result will be destructive dog and unhappy relationship. When you train your dog you will get the best friend you can wish for and all your family can enjoy happy life together. Best time to start with trainings is when the dogs puberty starts, which is between 7-10 months. Puppy schools I suggest to avoid, these do not teach to the dog anything and mostly ruin the relationship between the owner and the dog. The dog under 7 months is too young to be taught serious routines yet, till 7 months puppy should learn how to live with family, how to keep house clean not to pee inside and such… Best result will be when you find from your region a good German Shepherd, or Malinois or a Border Collie trainer and sign up for individual classes at the puppy age 7+ months and forward. When your dog passes BH obedience exam you can be sure you will always have a well behaving dog in society. Avoid the all breed trainers! Every breed is different and not having experience with similar type of dogs ends with bad advice. For our puppies best are German Shepherd, or Malinois or a Border Collie trainers.

Next vaccinations:
Follow your dogs passport!

Echinococcus treatment:
Before vaccinations is always needed deworming 10 days earlier. I suggest Drontal Plus. If worms are visible you should repeat it after 10 days again and only then after 10 days make the vaccination.
Deworming is done 1-4 times per year, not less then 1 time per year and not more then 4 times per year.

Parasite treatment:
General parasite treatment 1-2 times per year. Against fleas and ticks I use Advantix II and against other parasites best are Advocate and Stronghold that also help with different kind of worms and mites additional to fleas. Usually, is done 1 time and 30 days later 1 more time to make sure not any parasites survives.
In case of loose stool make deworming – 3 days Drontal Plus treatment and repeat it after 10 days again with 3 days treatment.

Do parasite treatment only when necessary, I do not suggest using chemicals as preventive method, it is never good for not anyone, nor dogs neither humans to use too much chemicals!

In case of any problems just contact me. 90% of the cases I know immediately the helping solution. Your success with your pup is our success with BTWW breeding πŸ™‚

In case of more questions just contact us.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole! πŸ™‚

Enjoy your Puppy!

Written by:
Monika Laneman

BTWW Puppy Comes Home White Swiss Shepherd Puppies

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