Raising a puppy to become healthy dog

One of the most important things, when raising a puppy, to consider, is how to raise the puppy to stay healthy and become healthy dog for a long and healthy life.

Around the World overall concern is that pure bred dogs are getting more and more unhealthy having numerous illnesses and health test results show rise health defects in dogs. Mostly are blamed the genetics and breeders that breed unhealthy dogs. Some voices also try to talk about other variables which are result of todays commercial world but as corporates are the ones that have got money then these voices are just muted.

Estonia, where I am from, is a post Sovjet Country that only recently has joined the Commercial World. In the Commercial World only thing that really counts is Money. When looking back at our Sovjet times than there was no such illnesses like hip or elbow dysplasy or allergies and not any dog ever died in eating raw bones. Back in these days dogs were dogs and men were men.

I do not want to say that at Sovjet time everything was perfect or times were better. Neither I want to say that at that time we did not have any problems. But these were completeley different problems and rapid changes in dogs health during such a short period like only ten years is something that made me think a lot about it.

Somehow I myself had managed to raise and keep my dogs healthy without even much thinking about it. But when I decided to start breeding I needed to get answers what I had done differently and why I got such a high health rate with my dogs.

To get the answers I started to study about different lines, different kennels, different breeders and different countries. And the patterns I have noticed are surprisingly common in each cases in different countries. I noticed that some breeders always breed healthy dogs and some breeders always have severe health problems. I noticed that in some people hands dogs always grow up to become healthy and in some people hands every dog that was raised developed health problems.

Most of the time the genetics behind are blamed for dogs health defects. However, in my study I also noticed that even dogs from the healthy lines with healthy parents and all siblings developed health defects in some certain conditions and some certain people hands.

When during Sovjet time most problems were because of lack of nutritions, lack of vitamines and poor vaccination. Then nowdays most problems are because of too much and chemical nutritions and vitamines in the food, poor quality commercial food and over vaccinations.

The secret of successully raising a healthy animal is in three things:

  • To develop strong immune system
  • To give to the puppy enough exercise
  • To have good and healthy environment

Owners matter a lot to dogs health. Correctly feed and exercised dog will grow up to be a healthy animal. Wrongly feed and not exercised dog can grow up to be a sick animal.

Every dog carries health problems in their genes. When using healthy animals in breeding breeders can minimize the risks of health problems but only owners are the ones that can make their dogs to stay healthy during their lifetime.

Happy Healthy White Shepherd Dogs Playing

Let’s take for example the human beings – humans can develope cancer even if they dont have any genetics behind, just because of todays pollution around and stress in their lives. Not correctly feed people don’t have enough strong immune system which helps to develop lots of different illnesses. And it would be possible to continue with such examples with a long list.

To raise a healthy dog the puppy should be fed the right way, exercised the right way and have the right living conditions.

There are our beliefs which have helped us to raise our own dogs to be and stay healthy and have been useful so far also for most of our puppy owners.


Monika Laneman

10 Weeks Program to Socialize Your Puppy

Raising Happy Healthy Dogs Belgian Malinois White Shepherd

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