Rescue Dog Best Friend of Cheetah Cub at Cincinnati Zoo

Rescue Dog Best Friend of Cheetah Puppy at Cincinnati Zoo

A cheetah cub made a curious friendship with a dog after they both met at a zoo in Cincinnati, United States, as part of a program that seeks to gather cheetah cubs that are orphaned with dogs.

The cheetah ended up sharing life with the dog after being rescued as the only surviving puppy of a litter. Cheetah mothers often leave their little ones or in less severe cases, stop feeding their offspring.

The video shows the moment when the little cheetah Kris and his dog friend Remus meet first time.

The Kris and Remus story starts from July 2019 when Kris was abandoned by the mother. To compensate family for Kris was brought from a Cincinnati shelter, the Animal Rescue Fund, a rescue puppy.

Remus had a very playful and outgoing personality and it was thought he would make a perfect companion for cheetah cub Kris.

Cheetahs are more timid and reclusive then other big cats and zoos often pair cheetah cubs with puppies. When they are raised together with a dog they become more calm and confident.

Kris and Remus are the sixth successful cheetah and dog pairing in Cincinnati zoo. The first one was in 1981 between a cheetah named Angel and a Great Dane named Dominic.

As for the relationship between the dog and the little cheetah, the former plays a guiding and playmate role of the latter, in a way that could not be played by humans.

However, according to Linda Castaneda, one of the coaches of the place, cheetah cubs have the ability to listen to their human trainers and perform simple tasks.

The trainer also said that companion dogs are commonly used to be with solitary cheetahs and Kris and Remus are the sixth pairing of dogs and cheetahs in the Cincinnati zoo.

Cheetah cub Kris and rescue puppy Remus have become good friends and enjoy time together.


In 2016 Columbus zoo in Ohio gave to 10 week old cheetah Emmet a new friend 7 week old puppy Cullen. The cheetah cub and puppy were raised as brothers. When you place a puppy with the cubs, then soon they think of each other as brother and sister. The puppy has helped Emmet to become more confident and calm.

In Columbus zoo they have learned is that they want cheetahs to have all the confidence in the world. And they know humans can not give it to cheetah, but they know the dogs can.

The first one to start pairing cheetah with dogs was the San Diego Zoo already in 1980s.

Dogs are not only Best Friend for humans but also to other species.

Monika Laneman
With the hope that man may learn love from the eyes of his dog…

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