Samoyed Dog - How to Take Care of a Samoyed Dog

Samoyed Dog Information You Need To Know Before Selecting It

Information about the breed of dogs that you want to keep is very important to know before making a final decision to visit a pet shop or to adopt them from abandoned animal shelters. Samoyed dog is a type of white-haired dog and belongs to 14 pure animal breeds in the world. His face is like a wolf with a perfectly sturdy body posture, the more manly, supported by the shape of his tail curved up to his back. If you pay attention to the front view of his face, the pattern of his mouth and the shape of his lips are curved upward giving the impression of being smiling. This characteristic, making Samoyed pet nicknamed the smiling dog.

Samoyed Dog Food

Food for dogs Samoyed most need a balanced nutritional content to meet their daily needs. In addition to providing food sourced from home-made products made specifically for Samoyed dogs, you can get a type of food that is formulated specifically for the Samoyed race. Samoyed dog’s employer when he decides to provide food derived from the best quality ingredients that are processed independently, can use a combination of raw and fresh food for him. Similarly, when Samoyed consumes special dry feed purchased from certain brands, additional meat mix for them can increase appetite for the better. Provision of bone types for them is still possible, as long as they get a veterinarian’s recommendation for chewing activity. Variations in the type of dog food Samoyed can also use raw fruits and vegetables that are produced organically, so that the chemical content and other harmful substances do not bring health problems.

How to Take Care of a Samoyed Dog

Prospective employers who have been firmly adopted Samoyed dogs, information on how to care for Samoyed dogs becomes very important to know. Samoyed breed of companion dog that has good behavior and likes to be a concern around family members. His body that looks big, the Samoyed race is not an aggressive dog. They are very friendly with children, even difficult to be left by the owner for a long time without friends. The Samoyed dog’s character is easily anxious and stressed if they are left alone for a long time. Some bad behaviors that may be shown, such as biting, damaging objects around him or howling all day to attract your attention. Therefore, Samoyed dogs are not suitable for care by masters who rarely interact with them because they are busy outside the house at all times. Samoyed dogs hunters breed their genetic ancestors, while socializing with children, you have to watch them so that things don’t happen. It is difficult for you to predict the children’s treatment of an unattended Samoyed dog, when Samoyed is uncomfortable with the treatment it receives, it is possible to retaliate with barking to bite. During play in the yard or garden, use reins if you are unsure of the environmental situation. They need to be avoided from meeting small animals such as cats, livestock and other animals that can provoke natural hunting instincts in the form of pursuit.

Samoyed Dog Personality

Samoyed dogs’ experience and instincts belong to a group of working dogs equipped with various abilities and specific skills while being properly trained. He breeds dogs that are full of caution on foreign matters but are equipped with an instinct for tenderness and fun. The Samoyed dog is one of the pet breeds that upholds loyalty for its master, is loyal and gets good trust as a watchdog.They are known as smart animals which are one of 44 types of intelligent dogs in the book “Intelligence of dogs”. Author. Stanley Coren explained, Samoyed dogs require an average of 15-25 repetitions to learn something new. While some Spitz dog learning process data, generally require about 70 percent of the time in training. To get a basis for good behavior, Samoyed dogs are advised to learn and be trained in adherence from the age of the child, so it is easier to control it after adulthood with you. Providing training as early as possible for Samoyed dogs is recommended, unless you want them to be able to outwit their intelligence. The nickname ‘smiling dog’ it has, can melt the heart of the employer so that it ignores some learning processes. Maintaining a Samoyed dog means that you prepare the much anticipation that they need. The first thing is Samoyed breed of dog that can not be alone in the house. On average they can still be without humans for less than 3-4 hours, but it is not suitable for employers who leave them at home for almost 8 hours because they work in an office. Samoyed dog breeds that require humans to interact, socialize in various forms of activity. They on average need to exercise 1 hour every day and often invite family members to play when bored for 4 hours. The Samoyed dog’s character is different from other dog breeds you have ever known. Another pet may be a quiet race when alone without a family member, different Samoyed, he will bite objects nearby, howling all the time or the more serious possibility of trying to escape escape to the highway.

How to Train a Samoyed Dog

Employers who want to train Samoyed dogs, may need to know that this breed is an alpha dog so it requires a trainer who is experienced with them. To teach specific skills, Samoyed will need a lot of time, especially a coach who is impatient and inconsistent with him. Some dog training is professional, generally using 2 different training methods. First, strengthening good behavior with praise, gifts and all positive actions for them if they do something they want. While there is also training for dogs with methods on suppressing animal discomfort. There are always pros and cons of 2 types of exercises given to pets. Which is better than the 2 types of training, I think back to you, which is the best. However, everything that starts with a positive thing, is usually more fun for the pet while avoiding other bad behavior that can occur in him. Some important strategies if you want to train Samoyed dogs are to start small so they recognize your position as alpha for them. Thus, at his adult age, Samoyed would put himself in the next position.

Samoyed Dogs and Apartments

When you discuss how to care for a Samoyed dog in a confined environment such as an apartment, maybe that question is very well known to other potential owners. Samoyed dog breeds, including medium-bodied animals and given a good adaptation, even in the apartment. Some basic requirements if a Samoyed dog lives in a rather limited environment, without a yard to play, how to replace it by carrying them routinely channeling their energy running elsewhere. Pets that are used to living in these cold temperatures, it is strongly recommended that the apartment have air conditioning and access to drinking water that is easily accessible to them. Samoyed dogs on average are very good in cold temperatures because their fur coats are thick, so that it warms its body even in extreme cold conditions such as at the poles. In Russia during the winter, local people often hug Samoyed to get warmth from his fur coat.

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