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Quiz: Are You a Dog or a Cat Person?

  • How would you like your morning coffee?

    • With milk, please
    • I like it black
  • How about a walk in the park?

    • Oh yes!
    • Em, really?
  • What would you rather do?

    • Pick up poop with a tiny shovel
    • Pick up poop with a tiny baggie
  • What do you think is grosser?

    • Grass barf
    • Hairball barf
  • What describes you more?

    • Night person
    • Morning person
  • What do you value more?

    • Loyalty
    • Independence
  • It’s raining! What will you do?

    • Run inside. I don’t want to mess up my hair!
    • It’s time for some muddy fun.
  • How about clothes for pets?

    • No, absolutely not
    • I’m cool with it
  • What would you eat?

    • Fish
    • Meat
  • What describes you the most?

    • Introvert
    • Extrovert

American Akita Female Puppy

Happy 4th of July!