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Super Yachts, OceAnco, Sport & Dogs in Monaco Yacht Show 2019

“Some things, it seems, cannot be done, perhaps, because they’ve never been done before,” is a promise of a Dutch custom super yachts building company OceAnco. The philosophy of OceAnco is: “We build not just the perfect yacht, but the owner’s perfect yacht.” Despite of all those super yachts and Europe’s most busiest country Netherlands lifestyle still even there the humans best friend is a Dog. Meet Burak Sözgen in Monaco Yacht Show!
Interview by Sport and Dogs –   Hi, I’m with Burak for Sport and Dogs. What is your dogs’ name? Her name is Kuzum. Kuzum. How old is she? She is now two years old. Nearly more than two. What are your favourite things you like to do with your dog? All the time play, running and also, in fact, hugging each other, as I can say. She is also full of love and then she just wants to show that love also. But she is shy. I try to get her to show the love as much as possible. On the other hands what I really like is that’s how she sees it as a family. She understands who are the members of the family. She loves spending time with us. When I listen at her she is very sad when we are leaving home, for example when we need to go to work. Because the dog is showing a sad face and this makes me feel very bad of course, when we are leaving her alone. But I really love playing with her, running all the time and going to the lake with her. She tries swimming, not yet swimming, but tries to swim. How can I say it, It changed our life. That was my dream since my childhood and now we have her and we are really happy. Can you say that owning dog makes you feel better and your dog makes you feel happy? Definitely! I mean, In any case, being and interacting with animals changes your life or changes the feelings that you have drastically in a positive way. Especially, I love dogs, I love also cats but I love, for example, getting the reaction from your pet. That’s very important for me and you see that reaction when she is hungry she brings her bowl telling us, yeah, I’m hungry, help me. You see those kinds of things and it’s no different from having a child. But the child which never grows and leaves, that’s the different side between of them. I don’t have a child but I assume it’s gonna be really …… For Sport and Dogs, Burak is the man who works with wonderful big yachts, not just big yachts but Super Yachts. For OceAnco, the most important special thing about the yacht is, for us, it should sits by the means of the owner. What is the perfect yacht for the owner is also a perfect yacht for us. If the owner has special requests related with, doesn’t matter what, it can be a dog related, it can be gambling. I don’t know, whatever you can think of. This is always a priority and that priority, for sure, we will make it happen. In which way it doesn’t matter, we will make it happen. Burak Sözgen OceAnco Monika Laneman   Sport and Dogs is Lifestyle! Life is Better with Pets!

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