The most beautiful autumn and winter traditions from around the world

In accordance with the seasons and with deep respect of nature, people all over the world celebrate their long-standing traditions. Near the outermost border of Europe, in Bashkiria, generations of bee keepers have collected honey from rare wild bees, the Burzyan bees. In Japan the last of the Usho catch fish with "living fishing rods": trained cormorants. Traditionally, they provided the Emperor's family with fresh fish. In Poland carp are fished from the ponds to provide everybody with carp for Christmas dinner – this is an old Polish tradition. In Frisia winter is driven out by fires at what is known as "Biikebrennen", and in Hungary the "Busho" – frightening characters wearing wooden masks – do a similar job. This documentary is a journey, meeting people who are passionate at keeping old traditions alive. Source

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