The Unsettling Brawl of Tasmanian Devils | Love Nature

Tasmanian Devils make the most unsettling brawl during a fight! As the world's largest surviving carnivorous marsupial, Tasmanian Devils have some of the strongest jaws in the world with a bite as strong as a dog three times its weight. These famously feisty animals are extremely vocal (including sneezing before a fight, and screaming so loud during a feeding frenzy that they can be heard more than a mile away!). These tassie devils are also aggressive even when it comes to mating! And mothers give birth to up to 50 babies but only 4 survive since females only have 4 teats. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Make sure to also subscribe to our other socials: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #tasmaniandevils #animals #animalfight Source

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