They risk their lives in Kenya – One of the world’s most dangerous ways to school

Over 30 degrees Celsius, barefoot and walking a distance of over 20 kilometers. For the children of Massai people in Tansania, this is the daily way to school. Their way to school takes them through the Dorn Savanna, past the warzen boars and the hyenas. It takes them pass their only source of water, the Pangani River. But the river is also the greatest enemy as well with the at times up tp 4 meter long crocodiles that could attack them at any given time. When the ferryman and his boat are not there, they even have to swim across the river. All this for just one goal; to get to school. Not even the most difficult circumstances can stop these students from going to school. No dangerous wild animals, no extreme temperatures, or the long way. These children fight their way through it all- then only this way do they have a chance to break the bond of poverty and hunger. The children of the Massai live in villages without any schools. There is no space and no qualified personnel available. To make matter worst, they are nomadic and constantly moving. Once their cattle have grazed all the grass, they move and settle somewhere else. The new village will also have no school of its own, and the way to the school might even become more difficult. Source

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