They risk their lives in Nepal – One of the world’s most dangerous ways to school

School lessons at edge of a super power- without a computer or technical assistance, with just one teacher, always demanding extreme physical exertion. 10 Kilometers there and 10 Kilometers back, on foot and every day. For Zuoh, this is completely normal- since he does not know it any other way. His day begins at 4:30 every morning. At this early time he gets ready to start his way to school. Only after an hour of non-stop walking, he is joined by others who live closer to the school. Until then, he is completely on his own, traveling along a amazingly dangerous path. It is a path through a dazzling landscape – deadly beautiful should one deviate from the way. On the most narrow parts of Zouh’s way, which takes him straight through the fantastic mountainous landscape, it is only a few centimeters wide; on both sides steep drops of hundreds of meters. One false step could prove to be fatal. One cannot be afraid of heights and want go to school in the town of Gulu. It is the only school far and wide. No one knows how much longer the teacher, who has been there now for over 29 years, will be around. He teaches them Chinese and Mathematics; these students who have never seen a computer or a car. Source

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