They risk their lives in Peru – One of the world’s most dangerous ways to school

Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and the highest navigable body of water. Here Bolivia and Peru meet. According to legends, the Incan civilization originated on its banks. A magical place, but today only the many temple ruins in the region give attest to the once high culture of the past. What is left are the Uro; an ancient people, described at times as the only decedents of the Incas. They are the people of the floating islands, a very small community of about 2000 with a community consisting of fifty swimming islands. Every day from the furthest corners, the youngest inhabitants paddle their way in their small boats to school. Ronald lives on one of the furthest island from school. His school way takes him every day around three hours of paddling on the lake full of fish. The lake with its wealth of fish and seafood, delivers the dietary basis of the Islanders, while the school offers the children hope for future. Source

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