They risk their lives in Siberia – One of the world’s most dangerous ways to school

In Oymyakon, the cold controls everything. The town is located in eastern part of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), which belongs to Russia and is know as the world’s Pole of Cold. Nevertheless every morning the children march to school, the youngest just 6 years old. Making their way by temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius. Such circumstances would seem completely inconceivable for Europeans, but in the coldest town in the world, it is the beginning of an ordinary day. At least there is a school bus. But does it still work by temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius? The temperature controls the entire life here, not just the way to school. Running water? The pipes are broken, which is not surprising when the water literally freezes in the air. The inhabitants must melt blocks of ice in order to obtain water. How do the humans, the animals and the nature survive in such a unreal region? This film provides the answer. Source

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