They risk their lives – One of the world’s most dangerous ways to school – Papua New Guinea

They live in Papua New Guinea, an island in the Pacific Ocean, in the middle of one of the world’s largest rainforests. And some of them take a route to school which will blow your mind. That is certainly the case for 8-year-old Junior and his cousin Ruth. Their journey in the so-called ‘Land of 1000 Rivers’ is a five-day one which leads the students through jungles, in which new and unique animals are continuously being discovered, and in whose branches the notorious green tree python lurks. For the children these snakes are not just a threat but also a delicacy, because they hunt their own food every day, as well as climb steep mountainsides and cross countless rivers. Their journey to school is too risky to tackle alone; that is why father Michael accompanies his son and niece on this adventure. They travel over one hundred kilometres, and on this trip the children fear nothing more than the large Takali river. It separates their home – the jungle – from modern civilisation, and has already claimed the lives of many who have attempted to cross it. It is more than just a walk to school – It is a test in the vast jungle. And not all of the students will reach their destination… Source

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