Top 10 Clingy Dog Breeds

? PREVIOUS VIDEO : ? Check out more awesome videos : We all know that a big part of being a pet owner is the wonderful sense of companionship that our four-legged friends bring into our lives. Waking up to a living, breathing – and often demanding – furry sidekick is the only way I would ever want to start my day and in spite of the various trials and tribulations associated with pet ownership, its all worth it. Are there actually breeds of dogs that are considered to be super clingy? I mean, what breeds just have to be with you all the time and would love nothing more than to be curled up on your lap from morning to night. They do exist and you might be surprised to learn they aren’t all cuddly little lapdogs. Intrigued? In this video we have listed 10 of the super clingiest Dog Breeds Source

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