Visit Tahiti Fiji Monaco Yacht Show 2019

Visit Tahiti – The Islands of Tahiti & Fiji – Monaco Yacht Show 2019

Visit Tahiti & Fiji – Monaco Yacht Show 2019

We are at the Monaco Yacht Show and even though it’s all about super yachts, everywhere we go we find dog lovers. This time at the Visit Tahiti booth representer of Tahiti Tourisme from The Islands of Tahiti & Fiji. When you meet people from Paradise Islands like Tahiti or Fiji islands and their face softens when talking about his dog, you understand… It’s not only in New York that when you want a friend you should take a dog. But it applies to the whole world. Even when you live in a paradise island… We couldn’t resist to share the feeling and decided to make some interviews to share the light.

The Islands of Tahiti & Fiji – Monaco Yacht Show 2019

Interview by Sport and Dogs – How do you do? Hi Hi It’s nice to meet you! Whats your name? My name is Iotua Lenoir and I come from Tahiti island. Your name is a bit difficult to pronounce me. Tell me, Do you have a dog? Dog, yes. What’s the name of your dog? My dog? I have two dogs! Two dogs? Yes, two dogs! One is Liquer! Liquer, like a drink? Yes, yes. And the other one is Lucky. Lucky? Yes. The man has two dogs, one is Liquer and another one is Lucky. One is Dalmatian and the other one is Bichon Maltese. What is the most favourite thing you like to do with your dogs? What you most enjoy? We like to go along the beach. Sometimes I go with them running, hiking. Running by the beach and hiking in mountains. Do your dogs make you feel happy? Of course, every day. And my daughter also enjoys. All the family. The dogs bring lots of happiness. We are very thankful for the interview. Thank You! We hope to visit your beautiful Tahiti soon! Please, don’t hesitate. We will be really happy to give you more information. Come to visit us. I represent National Tourism Organisation based in Pape’ete. This year is a premiere for us because we share our booth with Fiji. The idea is to show to everybody here that we want work together as a super yacht destination. Come to Tahiti! Iotua Lenoir Tahiti Tourisme The Islands of Tahiti & Fiji   Monika Laneman   Sport and Dogs is Lifestyle! Life is Better with Pets!

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