What Happens To Bugs In Winter? | Survival of the Weirdest | Love Nature

What happens to bugs in winter? How do insects survive the harsh weather? Watch these cool insects as they reveal their unique survival tactics for surviving the winter. Hornets use apple juice to energize workers and then dump out larvae to die when they no longer need more workers and starve their queen to death, ladybugs produce antifreeze to cope with harsh temperatures, honey bees create nutrient-packed hives and use their wings to generate heat and melt the honey during the winter, dragonflies can change their body temperature to match with the air temperature, the great diving beetle ambush fish as big as them, and more! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/LoveNatureYT Make sure to also subscribe to our other socials: Facebook: http://bit.ly/LoveNatureFB Instagram: http://bit.ly/LoveNatureIG Twitter: http://bit.ly/LNTwitter2 #bugs #insect #animals Source

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