Dog Horoscope 2 What Super Dog Would You Be

Dog Horoscope

Dogs are the cleanest souls on earth. Each breed of dog has its own characteristics and character traits. Entertaine yourself with a Dog Horoscope.

Each breed of dog has its own distinctive feature that distinguishes it from others. If you were a dog and not a human, what kind of dog would you be in a horoscope?

Aries (21. Mar – 19. Apr) GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG

Just like Aries, German Shepherds do not tolerate boredom and inactivity for long. They need exercise and exercise to keep their body and mind in shape.

Taurus ( 20. Apr- 20. May) BERNHARDINER

Bernhard is calm, friendly, patient and kind – just like Taurus. But if necessary, it can become very heady.

Gemini (21. May – 20. Jun) BIRD DOG

As fast as the Gemini mind, gobbling up energy, a very smart bird dog can be overactive and even destructive if it has nothing to do.

Cancer (21. Jun – 22. Jul) LABRADOR RETRIEVER

The Labrador Retriever is similar in nature to those born under the sign of Cancer, they are cute dogs with a good heart. They love to play, they are very cute and they get fond of easily.

Leo (23. Jul – 22. Aug) PIT BULL TERRIER

Like Lions, Pit Bulls have bad fame. But, contrary to popular belief, these dogs love to be admired and surrounded by others.

Virgo (23. Aug – 22. Sep) SHIBA INU

These medium-sized dogs are independent and self-confident, and they are indifferent to strangers. These are very intelligent dogs.

Libra (23. Sep – 22. Oct) AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD DOG

Just like Libra, who is very social, the Australian Shepherd or Aussie feels good when surrounded by others. They love to work and company others.

Scorpio (23. Oct – 21. Nov) PYRENEAN MOUNTAIN DOG

These beautiful dogs are trustworthy, good and kind, but be careful, they guard their territory very well. Just like Scorpio, he is guarding his family and showing teeth when needed.

Sagittarius (22. Nov – 21. Dec) HOUND

Just as Sagittarius hound is joyful, loves to move a lot and wants to discover the world. It’s easy to become friends with her.

Capricorn ( 22. Dec – 19. Jan) HUSKY

Huskies are big working animals, just like Capricorn. They are not afraid to do dirty and hard work and love to work together. They are remarkably resilient and have only the inherent approach to life.

Aquarius (20. Jan – 18. Feb) WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIER

The White Terrier does not sit and wait for things to happen, they love to play, go out and take life playfully. They are very smart and curious and they are not afraid of bigger or smaller dogs.

Pisces (19. Feb – 20. Mar) PUG

The Pug is a very proud dog, even if he is a bit silly. Just like Pisces has a stable and balanced character, he is a little lazy and plays when he wants.


Take a look also at your dog horoscope, do you see any similarities with your dog?

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