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Selling dog poop for money

  Today I googled for some dog stuff when Google offered me most searched sentences as following: “Where can I sell my dog poop?”.  

Where can I sell my dog poop?


Does anyone buy dog poop? Can you sell dog poop?

I have always been joking if anyone would be interested of buying my dog poop. I would be happily ready to be selling dog poop for money. So I was really surprised and intrigued, was there really market for dog poop? Where can I sell my dog poop? I am always ready to pick up a good laugh so I clicked at it and here is the whole story behind it. I found out that you can earn $13,000 a year selling your own poop for the science, but did not really find out about selling dog poop for money or where can I sell my dog poop. However, I found several ways how to earn money with dog poop. There are some businesses around dog waste. Why not selling dog poop for money. There is nothing you couldn’t make a business out of if you really wanted it.  

Pet waste management is a small but growing business in the United States

Dues paying membership in the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists, also known as aPaws, has grown from 12 when the group was founded in 2002. Kelly Brott ran his scooping business solo for a year but hired another “technician” a few months ago because he couldn’t keep up with the growing number of clients. He and the other poop scooper then made 130 scoop stops a week. After while he was able to expand his franchise rights also in greater Orlando. “When Doody Calls” is a Pet Dog Waste Removal and Pooper Scooper Service which was founded in 2001 and is covering northern New Jersey. The company “When Doody Calls” reported revenue of $4.5m in 2011 and now has 450 clients, said owner, Mary Ellen Levy. It’s part of a growing industry. Nobody tracks just how much the industry is worth globally, told Levy who serves on the board of the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists, which in year 2016 had 90 member companies picking up pet waste across North America. Nice, but where can I sell my dog poop?
  This was mostly about how to clean up the dog poop and getting paid so no chance to be selling dog poop for money. So the closest I could find was:  

A machine that turns dog poop into electricity that can charge household gadgets such as a refrigerator

Well, why not. If Bill Gates can turn human waste into drinking water then why not turning the dog waste into electricity. I wondered if this is a place for selling dog poop for money. The whole story was about a Geneva based Oceane Izard who has designed the appliance “Poo Poo Power” in which owners place a biodegradable bag of dog waste inside, where sludge-eating bacteria belch out methane that is converted to power. The electricity is stored in detachable batteries that can be used around the house. The amount of power it produces depends on the dog. For a German Shepherd Dog, the amount of poo is different from that of a beagle. For example, Beagle creates between 250 and 340 grammes of faeces per day. Which allows you to run a fan for two hours. For a German Shepherd dog, it’s twice as much. It could almost run your fridge. The designer, Oceane Izard, a student studying at Geneva School of Art and Design, told the outlet. In theory, it would take six or seven dog’s to power a home for every person that resided in it. Pretty neat idea, especially if you have a big dog that has a lot of poop to clean up. Such a product could save money for cities like Paris, which cleans up around 12 tonnes of dog poop off city streets every day. Just imagine, in the US, dogs produce around 10 million tonnes of poop each year, and most of that waste goes to landfill – where it pumps methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. And there you have. At some point you could be selling dog poop for money because it is needed for producing electricity.

Composted pet waste can be used for deep-fill or other purposes

According to Leon Kochian, a Cornell University biology professor: There are 73 million pet dogs in the United States. The average dog produces about 274 pounds of waste a year, which means total dog waste in the United States is more than 20 billion pounds. Leon Kochian is the spokesman for TC DOG, the not-for-profit volunteer group involved in funding the project a can-do plan to profitably compost the billions of pounds of pooch poop produced yearly in the United States. But dog and cat waste contain parasites and pathogens that make them unsuitable as compost for vegetable gardens and topsoil and can run off into waterways and diminish water quality. Composted pet waste can be used for deep-fill or other purposes. So no chance here to be selling dog poop for money…

Dog poop business is making serious profit

If there’s one thing that’s clear about this dirty business, it’s that it’s making a serious profit. It’s an industry that has seen dramatic growth in the past decade, from pet poop pick up to turning human waste into medicine and energy. After my small study through all the material I found I was a bit disappointed that I did not find an offer for my dog poop. It seems that if you want to sell your dog poop the only way you can do that is to go to ebay, post it there and be selling dog poop for money. I wonder if the law allows it but it wouldn’t be the first time… One thing is for sure there are people making millions from pets poo! In conclusion, most interesting of all of this seems to be the way of turning dog poop into energy using it in batteries for making electricity. Maybe some day, dog owners can be selling dog poop for money.  

Enjoy the video about the “dog poop for electricity” machine in test run.

There are people making millions from your pets poo in BBC

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