White Shepherd Puppies for Sale BTWW lines 2019

White Shepherd Puppies for Sale BTWW lines

Born to Win Warrior FCI kennel has BTWW line and Brazilian bloodline combination puppies

White Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Available very good White Shepherd puppies for sale with super interesting pedigree and bloodlines. Puppies are available for good owners to become best friend and family member.

White Shepherd Puppies for sale from BTWW lines are also very good for dog sports, dog shows and breeding.

Both parents are from high quality breeding and with very good character, health tested with results HD-A ED-0, as good as it gets.

The father is from Brazilian origin and totally new blood for Europe and United States for several generations. Mother is Estonian origin and several generations bred for character and trainability.

Puppies are out of outcross which gives more vitality for pure bred dogs

White Shepherd is with it’s character also suitable for families with children.

Puppies will be microchipped, several times dewormed, vaccinated and have FCI pedigree and EURO Passport when going homes.

More information on homepage: http://btww.eu Contact: info@btww.eu   White Shepherd Puppies for Sale BTWW lines 2019

Father is Brazilian boy Estevao Lothian Taglischindorf

White Shepherd Puppies for Sale BTWW lines 2019 Estevao Lothian Taglischindorf These White Shepherd puppies are made in co-operation with one of the best White Shepherd breeders in the World. Alma Groot from the kennel of The Heart of Lothian in Holland. Who had imported a White Shepherd male from Brazil Estevao Lothian Taglischindorf. We chose Estevao Lothian Taglischindorf after our long time search for new blood. Estevao is originally from Brazil and his parents and pedigree is very different from all European and USA White Shepherd breeders pedigrees. When making plans for next years we made a trip to the Netherlands to look at the Estevao, 5400 km with a car, just to make sure we know what the dog is about and if he suits for our females. Estevao was totally different from all White Shepherd Dogs I have ever seen, but his anatomy was correct and he moved super well and had open character, so we gave him a chance. In 2019 we used Estevao with our females and got super puppies in combination with females from our breeding. This litter is the last litter we have in our kennel with the Brazilian boy Estevao Lothian Taglischindorf. We chosed for the mother of the puppies one of our best dogs Born to Win Warrior Sparta.

Mother is Estonian girl Born to Win Warrior Sparta

White Shepherd Puppies for Sale BTWW lines 2019 White Shepherd Born to Win Warrior Sparta Born to Win Warrior Sparta is full sister to our Born to Win White Zorro who had given earlier very good offspring. Sparta first litter was one of the best driven White Shepherd Puppies we had ever had, so we decided to try with the Brazilian boy combination to see the outcome. The mother of the puppies, Born to Win Warrior Sparta is out of two extremely good dogs. Her mother is one of the Worlds most famous White Shepherd Dogs MULT W, MULT CH Born to Win White Almighty that was successful in anything she did. She was extremely successful show dog and also very successful competition dog. We competed next to German Shepherds and Malinois and mostly ended up in podium 1 place or 2 place. We were so successful in dog sport that in year 2015 we ended up in World Championship of Tracking dogs. Which Born to Win White Almighty made history as being The Very First White Shepherd Dog in the World in working dogs World Championship. Presently, only 7 White Shepherd Dogs have participated in World Championship. 4 in working dog routines and 3 in Agility. 2 of those dogs are from BTWW kennel and Spartas mother BTWW Almighty is one of those dogs. White Shepherd Puppies for Sale BTWW lines 2019 White Shepherd Born to Win White General BTWW Almightys father, Spartas grandfather, Born to Win White General was my competition dog before BTWW Almighty. With BTWW General we also mostly ended up in podium paces. We managed to Working Champion title next to his multi show champion titles. Born to Win White General is the only White Swiss Shepherd dog that has managed to achieve Working Champion title in Estonia. And one of the very few FCI working champions of the White Shepherd breed in the World. There are few working champions already in working breeds, not even then talking about the White Shepherd dog. This was to give you an overview what is behind the puppies parents and pedigree.

Parents of the puppies:

Puppies Mother:

Born to Win Warrior Sparta HD-A ED-0 Father: EST CAC Born to Win White Outlaw IPO1 BH AD HD-A ED-0 MDR1+/+ DM N/N (CH Gringo of White Finess IPO3 FH1 x EVLÜ CW10 EST CH Joulumaan ArcticOodiLucia RH-E FL, KK1) Mother: MULT W MULT CH Born to Win White Almighty FH2 PJK3 IPO3-A KK3 BH AD HD-A ED-0 MDR1+/+ D locus D/D (Working CH & CH Born to Win White General IPO1, FH1, PJK3, KK3, BH x MULT W MULT CH Arizona W.Bohemia Mandiga KK1)

Puppies Father:

Estevao Lothian Taglischindorf HD-A ED-Free Father: Ulisses Argos Taglischindorf (BR CH Arghus Taglischindorf x Brida Taglischindorf) Mother: Bianca Luna Taglischindorf (Polo Horst Von Ruff x MULTI CH Blanche Taglischindorf) White Shepherd Puppy

White Shepherd puppies for sale

All puppies from this combination are very optimistic, very open, very playful and have lots of prey drive. They are all very nicely built, have very balanced anatomy and move very well. We have very high hopes for the puppies and looking for best possible homes. More information and pictures about the puppies can be found from our homepage.

The White Shepherd puppies in our homepage:


One very good White Shepherd puppy male also available (4 months old):


  Puppies are close to Monaco and we can help with transportation in France – French Riviera – Côte d’Azur (Cannes, Nice, Menton) and Italy in Italian Riviera – Liguria (Sanremo, Bordighera). We have very good highway connections to come here by car either through France or through Italy and our closest airport is Nice in France with very good return ticket prices with Western Europe. NB! Puppies are available for good homes and responsible owners.

Our contacts:

Homepage: http://btww.eu E-mail: info@btww.eu  

White Shepherd Dog – Intelligent, Loyal, Versatile and Noble

When you like intelligent, highly trainable, watchful and extremely loyal White Shepherd dog with a purpose in life, then you have come to the right place. Born to Win White Shepherds – BTWW Homepage. White Shepherd puppies of the Intelligent, Loyal, Versatile and Noble – the BTWW White Shepherd Dog! The White Shepherd dog that simply catches eye with it’s impressive look and wins hearts with it’s joyful temperament. The White Shepherd dog is for people that are looking for a lifetime friend and family member. Eager to work, easy to train and quick to learn. For people that like “the dogs with the heart” and “dogs that never get tired”. To be family members, companions, show, breeding, obedience, agility, tracking, herding, flyball, detection, search & rescue, therapy dogs and more! Life with a versatile BTWW White Shepherd dog changes people completely. BTWW White Shepherd Dog gives you it’s heart getting in return yours. When you already have a BTWW White Shepherd Dog you already know that “love in first sight” exists and what means “hugging dogs”. If you don’t have a BTWW White Shepherd Dog you won’t understand that unless you take one. Have a joyful time while surfing around our home page! Born to Win White Shepherds – BTWW Homepage. White Swiss Shepherd Puppies Monaco France Italy Switzerland

White Shepherd Breeders – BTWW – Born to Win Warrior

BTWW White Shepherd dogs are actively participating in different dog training routines, performing in trials and and have achieved high results in different competitions such as obedience, tracking, water rescue, sledging and agility. Have been several years on high placements in national level of dog sport, achieved IPO results, Tracking Champion titles, Agility Champion titles and participated in World Championships.
In BTWW White Shepherd breeders breeding program we concentrate mostly on health, character and working ability. We do also take care of the exterior as only anatomically balanced dog is healthy, but the times we bred for dog shows are over. Nowadays, we concentrate in our White Shepherd breeders breeding on overall quality and performance for different activities, to breed such type of dogs that every owner could proudly say – “That’s My Dog!”. Born to Win White Shepherds White Shepherd Puppies for Sale BTWW lines 2019 Our kennel is FCI registered kennel Born to Win Warrior (BTWW) which is presently in Italy. Next to French border and close to Monaco. Earlier we were based in Estonia and used name Born to Win White which now continues breeding in Estonia with my daughter. We breed FCI registered White Swiss Shepherd Dog and Belgian Shepherd Malinois as our hobby and our puppies are around the World. All nice people who like good dogs are welcome to contact ? The dogs from our White Shepherd breeders breeding live around the World in countries such as Argentina, Estonia, Monaco, Canada, United States of America, Malaysia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Bahrain, Brazil, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Lebanon, Norway, Netherlands, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Peru, United Arab Emirates, Latvia and Lithuania. That was shortly all about us and in case you want to hear more, you are always welcome to contact us.
White Shepherd Dog Best Friend for Life With the hope that man may learn love through the eyes of his dog… Monika Laneman BTWW – White Shepherds & Malinois http://btww.eu Sport and Dogs is Lifestyle! https://sportanddogs.com       Raising a puppy to become healthy dog

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