White Swiss Shepherd Puppies

White Swiss Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Were born our White Swiss Shepherd Puppies – Our O Litter – 1 boy and 2 girls were born out of our Born to Win Warrior Yakuza and Born to Win White Viking.

This is a very very special combination with puppies of a very special pedigree.
These puppies pedigrees combine in itself 3 German Shepherd Dog lines which one is old United Kingdom line and two others are different USA German Shepherd Dog lines. And one very old good strong Swedish line. Additionally contains also two European best working dogs from Germany and Austria. And on the top of all that some of the best BTWW dogs such as BTWW Almighty and BTWW General who is the only white shepherd that has managed to achieved working champion title in Estonia. The mother of the puppies BTWW Yakuza is a very nice character dog with very good prey drive. And the father of puppies BTWW Viking has given us some very good puppies with other females. We expect something special from this litter. Looking for potential breeding homes!

Shortcoated White Swiss Shepherd Puppies

In case of more interest please contact info@btww.eu

Website: http://btww.eu/

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