White Shepherd Puppy

White Swiss Shepherd Puppies

White Swiss Shepherd Puppies

31.08.2019 were born White Swiss Shepherd Puppies in Estonia our Born to Win White Zal and Born to Win Warrior Apollo puppies. 8 puppies were born 6 female and 2 male.

The mother of the puppies BTWW Zal is a very nice strong character and good looking small size female. We have participated only once in a dog show in Milano and even though Zal behaved like a savage we ended up on 2-nd place with excellent in long coated dog competition. The 1 place was a really good and well trained long coated female that really deserved the 1 place. Zals mother is our BTWW Piraja that performed well in dog shows and father is BTWW Zorro who is father of most of all best dogs today. Zal is Monikas favourite dog because of her character, she is a very active and powerful dog reminding more a German Shepherd then a white dog. She is also a very good guard dog and stands bravely against people in real life. The puppies father BTWW Apollo is an every man dream dog. He is a very nice and easy dog at home, does not challenge owner and listens very well. And at the same time performs extremely well in trainings – in obedience, tracking and protection. BTWW Apollo is trained in Estonia by a Finnish trainer Esa Tapio in protection, and Estonian trainers Alla Petrova in obedience and Hanna-Maria Zeilanova for dog shows and in obedience. In case of interest feel free to contact with those trainers and ask their opinion about BTWW Apollo – call name Alfa. Monika believes that this is a very nice combination of two well suitable dogs! We will be very interested how the puppies will turn out but we feel that these will certainly raise the level of the white shepherd breed. Most suitable for people that like active dogs and dogs with character for the best friend with whom to spend time with different activities! And we keep a puppy for ourselves from this mating! BTWW Zal is right now in Estonia and puppies were born in Estonia! We are taking reservations! In case of more interest please contact info@btww.eu http://btww.eu/white-swiss-shepherd-puppies-born-to-win-white-zal-x-born-to-win-warrior-apollo/

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