White Swiss Shepherd Puppies for sale / Berger Blanc Suisse Puppies for sale

Available White Swiss Shepherd puppies (Berger Blanc Suisse) out of very interesting parents!

23.02.19 were born White Swiss Shepherd Puppies in BTWW – Born to Win Warrior (FCI) kennel – 3 boys out of our Born to Win Warrior Windsor and Estevao Lothian Taglischindorf.

Mother of the puppies BTWW Windsor is out of our own breeding in Estonia. The father of the puppies is Brazilian origin Estevao Lothian Taglischindorf whom we chose because of his different and new blood for Europe. This litter will be outcross with no relatives for 5 generations and more. We are eager to see how the puppies will turn out but certainly something very interesting for the white shepherd breed.

If you are interested of a puppy you are welcome to contact us

More information about the puppies can be found from our homepage:

Born to Win Warrior Windsor x Estevao Lothian Taglischindorf

We can help with transportation in: Monaco, France: French Riviera – Côte d’Azur – Cannes – Nice – Menton; Italy: Italian Riviera – Liguria, Sanremo – Bordighera

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