Who Says Caring for Shih Tzu Ribet? Check out this article!

As a Shih Tzu dog breeder , Ms. Yenny, owner of the Le’grande Shih Tzu breeder certainly has a lot of experience on how to care for this one dog breed. Following on from the previous article, this time the PRO PLAN will discuss Shih Tzu’s treatment in more detail. Check it out, PetLovers.

Many say caring for Shih Tzu is complicated, is that correct?

Maybe because of the long fur so many say it like that. But actually not really. In my experience treating Shih Tzu since 2006, Shih Tzu is not too complicated about health care. But, about the treatment of fur must have extra attention.

How do you care for Shih Tzu’s fur?

Just like other furry dogs, Shih Tzu must be combed every day. At least once a day. Furthermore, the owner of Shih Tzu should not be lazy to do grooming, do it once a week so that the feathers are well preserved.

Are there any special treatments for Shih Tzu fur?

Now, about special care, I usually tie the ends of Shih Tzu’s fur with wrapping paper . It’s Shih Tzu’s fur. If it is not folded with wrapping paper , it will be damaged by contact with his pee or trampled when he walks. Only to do this wrapping must be patient. Must be patient.

Besides the matter of feathers, what about the other body parts?

Shih Tzu dogs should be considered for their eye health. Sometimes the eyes are often runny, if left unchecked it can have problems. In addition, he must also pay attention to his ears. Because Shih Tzu’s ears are long, if they are not often checked, there will be a lot of dirt that disturbs the health of his ears.

How to clean Shih Tzu’s ears?

If you have a problem, you have to clean it once a day & have to do it routinely for two weeks. How to clean it with special tools, such as cotton buds . So we lift the poop first. If it is clean, then drop it with a special liquid from a veterinarian.

If for ordinary maintenance, can be done once a week after bathing.

Regarding teeth, is there any special treatment too?

Actually no. But to maintain cleanliness, toys can be given which will be bitten by the dog. This toy will automatically make the dog’s teeth clean. Friends can look for it in a pet shop, just ask special toys to clean dog teeth.

Where does Shih Tzu come from most often? The environment?

I think it’s genetic. But if the skin can be due to food. So it’s important to provide dog food that suits Shih Tzu’s needs.

Shih Tzu breed is often difficult to eat or not? If yes, how to overcome it?

Actually no. That’s a seasonal problem. Under normal conditions, Shih Tzu should be fed twice a day.

Now, when Shih Tzu is having difficulty eating, I usually give a PRO Fussy & Beauty PLAN that is suitable for dogs having difficulty eating. Besides that, although Shih Tzu has a small body, it has a high energy requirement. So the nutritional needs must be met. The kibble shape also adjusts. Smaller than kibble dog food for large dogs.

What about Shih Tzu seniors?

Oh yeah, here are a lot of Shih Tzu dogs who have retired. It means that the show is no longer included. Treatment, they are given pampers. Let the house stay clean. Because male dogs urinate more often than female dogs.

The matter of feeding also must still be considered. In this case, PRO PLAN helped me maintain good dog nutrition while still puppy, adult to senior.

How is it, PetLovers? Interested in maintaining Shih Tzu? Pay attention to the health of the fur. Take care from the outside by diligently combing & grooming as suggested by Yenny. In addition, provide care from within by choosing dog food that makes fur more beautiful & not easily fall out.

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