Honeymoon Dog Monaco Yacht Show

Whom Will You Take With You on Your Honeymoon and Monaco Yacht Show

Whom will you take with you on your honeymoon?

When your best friend is a dog, then even when you are going on your honeymoon, or Monaco Yacht Show, you will take your dog with you. You would never take anyone on your honeymoon beside of your newlywed, unless it’s a dog. Your Best Friend!

Visitors & Animals in Monaco Yacht Show 2019

Interview by Sport and Dogs – sportanddogs.com

Nala sit, Nala sit. …and smile We are at the Monaco Yacht Show and we have found a dog from here. What’s his name? Nala Tell to Sport and Dogs about your dog. How old your dog is? 1 year. 1 year old? She is only one year. Very young. What kind of sport you spend your time on? We do a lot of just walking because she is very young. We don’t do really hard stuff but a lot of walking at home. And I go one evening in a week for a hunting course. But only the apporting and go over water and pull some things out of water just to train him to listen the commands. And you are from the Netherlands? Yes, I am from Netherlands. And you are here for honeymoon? Yes, we are on a honeymoon and I have a three weeks, and we don’t want to let her, our dog, alone for three weeks. She also has three weeks vacation. No sports, just swimming and going to beach. And we take her with us the whole day, and so far so good. That’s the boss. Very nice. The dog makes you and your husband happy? Yes, it’s a little baby a little princess of the family. She goes everywhere with us, on vacation, but also to my work. I work as a veterinarian. So she always goes with me. ————— Wild animals at Monaco Yacht Show growling…   Monaco Yacht Show Visitors and Animals!   Monika Laneman   Sport and Dogs is Lifestyle! https://sportanddogs.com Life is Better with Pets! https://petworldglobal.com

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