With Sadhguru in Challenging Times – 13 Sep, 6 pm IST

00:00 Darshan Starts with Sadhguru Chant "Yoga Yoga Yogeeshwaraya"
05:00 Sounds of Isha 09:00 Sadhguru Exclusive Preview
10:00 Sadhguru Sings "Shiv Kailashon Ki Vasi"
12:00 Sadhguru Talks
37:00 Sankaran Pillai Joke
37:45 Question 1: What is the use of kriya yoga in the world?
52:00 Question 2
01:15:00 Sadhguru Paintings
01:16:00 Female devotees have seen Shiva as their husbands, why haven't male devotees see the same way? Is it right? Is it wrong? Watch Sadhguru Darshan in various languages on
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