Woman Finished 19 Miles Marathon Carrying Rescued Puppy

Woman Finished Marathon Carrying a Rescued Puppy

If you were to see a helpless soul in the middle of something important in your life, what would you do? Would you continue with what you were doing or would you stop and think about yourself being in the same helpless situation? Woman finished 19 miles marathon carrying a sad rescued puppy. Why is that so, that in this fast-paced world we tend to forget what is really vital. When we see a homeless man lying unconsciously on the streets we immediately assume stereotypically that he is just drunk, not taking hunger or sickness into consideration. Even a crying kid or a wandering dog can end up something serious, like being lost. Why do we close our eyes and ears in the means of helping each other out? Steve Maraboli has said: “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” We should be more encouraged to step closer and check if the help is needed and this with all species.

The world is full of caring people

Fortunately, there are plenty of kindhearted and helpful people in this world. One of many good examples is Khemjira Klongsanun, a driven and competitive runner in Thailand. This woman has taken part in a lot of competitions. However, in one of her recent marathons in Bangkok, Thailand, Khemjira showed she isn’t just a good athlete, but she also has a big heart. A puppy who was looking lost at the side of the road made Khemjira stop and forget about the competition. She stopped, picked her up and brought it with her for the entire marathon. It was a 26-mile run and she was just on her 7th mile but she couldn’t do anything else but saving her after seeing that little puppy alone without a mother in sight. She didn’t leave the puppy to someone in the audience, she carried her all the way to the finish line, making a connection that is almost impossible to break. After the race, they made a quick visit to the place where she found the pup just to check if her siblings or mother were still somewhere in the area, but they were not to be found, so Khemjira brought the dog home with her. They had a checkup at the vet to see if the puppy is fine. Khemjira named the puppy Nom Chom and gave her a loving home with her new human mother and fur siblings taking care of her. Not everyone is lucky enough to find a cute little puppy while running tho! Read more about A Dog Owner Biting a Jogger Who Sprayed Her Dog

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way

Instead of thinking that one person’s act won’t change a thing we should motivate others by starting. Little things really can change a lot. “It’s not the little things that matter, it’s the tiny things,” ― Bella, A Dog’s Way Home. If you haven’t seen the movie yet we’ll be sharing an overview with you on Friday! Stay tuned and read us on https://petworldglobal.com/ MSN

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