Young Perspective German Shepherd Male for Sale in Czech

Young Perspective German Shepherd Male for Sale in Czech. Great working male from kennel Marsyas Bohemian for sale

Faraday is 16 months old male, he has official xrays HD/ED 0/0, he is very nice built and has excellent working character,

he comes from pure working line after IPO3 Willis Bruce Anrebri and IPO1 Dana vom Cap Arkona, both parents have HD/ED normal, show, DNA and Korung with titles in Germany.

Faraday is very talented, trained in all three phases (tracking, obedience and protection work) and can have BH title in March/April and continue his training for IGP1-3. He has strong drives and he loves to work.

He is used to live outside, but he can also live inside, he is ok with other people, he will be excellent for sport, taking titles, but also a daily companion and for personal protection.

His video:

more info:

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