Young Working Line German Shepherd Female for Sale in Canada

Young Working Line German Shepherd Female for Sale in Canada. Ulda z Jirkova Dvora.

Born : 5th September 2017

We have decided to sell her due to moving houses, Ulda is +2 years old. She has come to us at 10 weeks old from Czech Republic, has an excellent pray drive, exceeds in tracking, best retrieving , she has sleeve work, good overall behaviour on and off leash, not shy, confident but not dominant, good watch dog, raised with a child, makes her very good with children, no dog aggression,

She has never been mated, that means never had puppies but she has not been spayed either, INTACT,

Has a full original Czech Pedigree, Export Pedigree of ownership in My name and also I could CKC register her if anyone needs the Canadian registry!

She will be sold to a good home, preferably as an working dog, will NOT be sold as PET, Ulda has to much to offer to be kept as PET.

Her price is CAD. 3500.


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